10 Tap “kickoff hangout” planned Friday evening with the 10Cast Network

by | Updated Oct 17, 2019 at 9:13PM

Last week, the County 10 team had the chance to tell you about one of our latest projects; The 10 Tap.

If you missed that post, quick refresher: If you see the County 10 tap at a Fremont County drinking establishment, it features a rotating fine craft beer from the good folks at the Lander Brewing Company. If you choose to buy a pint of that particular beer from the 10 Tap, $.50 from each beer poured will go back to a Fremont County chairty! Each month, that charity will change.

The 10 Tap is currently available in the bar at Riverton’s Rusty Truck (400 N. Federal Blvd). It will soon be availble at a few other establishments.

This month we’re raising the money for the Tough Enough Cancer Fund Fremont County.




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Our teams from 10Cast: Wyoming’s Podcast Network and County10.com started debating how to celebrate the launch of the 10 Tap, and the answer was obvious… “let’s go get a beer and hang out.” 

That’s what we’ll be doing Friday, October 18th from 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. (ish) at the Rusty Truck.

We’d like you to join us and say hey. County 10, 10Cast, the 10Tap… it’s all been about making connections and having some fun with our Fremont County neighbors.

Most importantly, we’re arranging for a few folks from Tough Enough Cancer Fund Fremont County to be there, too. You can chat with them about their mission and all the good they’re providing to local cancer patients.

Most of the podcast hosts will also be around if you’d like to chat with them, or just grab some food and a beer.

So, join us! If you feel like it. And if you don’t or can’t make it – no worries! But we hope when you see the 10Tap you’ll consider either grabbing one or learning more about the charity of the month and helping out with what you can!

Quick important reminder: If you plan to grab a few drinks with us, or anywhere, DO NOT drink and drive. A DUI will cost you financially, socially, professionaly, and it may cost you or someone else their life.

If you decide to have a few drinks, please feel free to use these resources:

  • Gator Taxi: 307-851-3619
  • 307 Cabs: 307-840-6424
  • Uber/Lyft/Ridesharing services (Yes – you have options in Riverton now!)
  • If you can, walk home
  • A sober friend
  • Your sober aunt
  • Your friend’s sober aunt
  • Your buddies who might make fun of you, but it’s still way better than a DUI

Come have some fun – plan ahead – and let’s have a great County 10 weekend! 






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