Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon announced on Friday, March 6th, that he plans to take action on the following three bills in a formal bill signing ceremony on Monday the 9th.

Bill No. Enrolled Act # Bill Title
SF0014 SEA0004 Probation and parole sanctions-amendments.
SF0008 SEA0005 Missing and murdered indigenous persons-agency cooperation
HJ0003 HEJR0001 Supporting federal missing and murdered persons efforts.

Fremont County’s HD 33 Representative Andi Clifford sponsored bill no. HJ0003, and worked hard to see the judiciary sponsored bill no. SF0008 passed as well. Representative Clifford shared a few words about their passing:

I am humbled by the work of the Select Committee on Tribal Relations who worked hard during the interim in coordination with the Tribes, Governor Gordon’s task force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous People, law enforcement, service providers, tribal members looking for both local and state level solutions to address our missing and murdered people, those who are falling through data collection and complex jurisdictional cracks. This piece of legislation is a step in the right direction, but there is still more work to be done to address this epidemic. I look forward to doing my part to help keep the momentum we have so that we can improve processes that help with education, awareness and acknowledgment of those underlying issues that are the cause of this crisis.

The Governor signed the following bills on Friday, March 6th:

Bill No. Enrolled Act # Bill Title
HB0134 HEA0007 Wyoming tourism account funding.
HB0005 HEA0008 Driver’s licenses and IDs.

Governor Mark Gordon signed the following bills on Thursday, March 5th:

Bill No. Enrolled Act # Bill Title
HB0010 HEA0001 Human trafficking-penalty for subsequent conviction.
HB0009 HEA0002 Abstracts of court records.
HB0011 HEA0003 Qualified residential treatment programs.
HB0007 HEA0004 Commercial learner’s permits.
HB0039 HEA0005 Remote education within a school district.
HB0160 HEA0006 Background checks-state treasurer’s office.
HB0006 HEA0009 Commercial operators-registration and authority to operate.
HB0036 HEA0010 Pesticide registration fee.
HB0120 HEA0011 CHIP-state administration.
HB0136 HEA0012 Unclaimed property funds-investments.
SF0003 SEA0001 Military department authority to accept donations.
SF0011 SEA0002 Consumer protection act amendments.
SF0004 SEA0003 Wildlife conservation account.

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