AMR Fremont County joins Lander Fire in cross training class

by | Oct 25, 2019 11:38AM

h/t AMR – AMR Supervisor Julia Miller and EMT-B Hope Waterman demonstrate how to load a power cot into an ambulance.

AMR Fremont County shared the following:

On Thursday, October 17, first responders gathered at the Lander City Fire Hall to complete the first of many anticipated interagency trainings. The objective of the exercise was to educate fire, EMS, and air medical personnel on how each agency operates and how they can support one another on an emergency response scene.

“These trainings will benefit all first responders who are serving the communities of Fremont County,” said Ashley Sawtelle of Lander Rural Fire Battalion 3. “Through open communication and continuous training, we learn how to assist one another and ensure we are safely, efficiently and effectively taking care of those we’re here to serve.“

The cross-training focused on road and highway accidents as well as mass casualty incidents. Crews from Lander Volunteer Fire Department, Lander Rural Fire Battalion 3, Morton/Kinnear Battalion 5, Guardian Flight and AMR Fremont County were in attendance.

h/t AMR – Ashley Sawtelle of Lander Rural Fire Battalion 3 welcomes fire, EMS and flight crews at a cross training class at the Lander City Fire Station.

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“Many times we have fire fighters standing around on a roadway incident, and we know that EMS providers can be pretty stretched thin when it comes to medical emergencies,” Sawtelle said. “We certainly don’t work outside our scope of practice, but there are other ways we can help, such as lifting patients or grabbing equipment.”

Attendees learned where to locate and properly utilize certain equipment on an ambulance. AMR-FC Operations Manager Diane Lane said that she would like to see more city and county fire departments join in cross-training.

“What I would really like to see happen is an extrication class,” Lane said. “A simulated extrication, so everyone can see and know what their roles are. We work with all the fire departments on these scenes, so if we have those relationships built up before we get on scene, they can tell us what we can be doing until we can take the patient safely out of the vehicle.”

“Hopefully, we can continue to have these joint trainings,” Sawtelle said. “Lander Rural does multiple trainings during the month – not so much during the summer months due to the grass fires. In the winter, we generally have two trainings. Any time people want to get together, we’ll do whatever we can to make that happen.”

h/t AMR – AMR Supervisor Julia Miller shows ambulance interior and equipment to fire crews.

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