BLM opens public scoping for Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative

by | Nov 15, 2019 10:08AM

The Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative is a proposal from the State of Wyoming’s to designate almost 2,000 miles of pipeline corridors across private, state and BLM-managed lands in Wyoming. Approximately 1,150 miles of the proposed corridors are located on BLM managed lands.

The WPCI project would designate a statewide pipeline corridor network for future development of pipelines associated with carbon capture, utilization and storage, as well as pipelines and facilities associated with enhanced oil recovery. The project will not authorize any new pipelines or construction, but will amend several BLM Resource Management Plans across the state to make future analysis of project specific proposals more efficient.

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BLM Wyoming has opened a public scoping period for the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative and information on the state’s proposal can be found at or on the State of Wyoming’s project webpage at Public scoping comments can be submitted through the BLM’s WPCI ePlanning project webpage at or at upcoming public meetings that will be announced at a later date. Comments must be received by December 16, 2019.

BLM Wyoming shared the above information. 

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