Community members came together to begin healing

by | Jan 18, 2020 11:28PM

Community members gathered together today, January 18th, intending to begin the healing process at the “Toward Community Harmony: Healing for Tomorrow” event hosted by the Riverton Peace Mission in collaboration with other organizations.

“I am very pleased with today’s turnout,” shared Riverton Peace Mission Co-Founder and event organizer Ron Howard. “We expected about fifty people, and that’s about how many showed up. I am also pleased with the diversity of those who showed. We had native and non-native people alike from various age groups.”

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During the event, attendees were split into two talking circles. One-by-one folks were given the opportunity to candidly answer the question, “How has the system failed you?”. Each person answering the question and sharing their story is what brought everyone together, Ron explained. “That tells me that there are more things that bring us together than separate us.”

h/t Ron Howard – Talking circle.

Cherokee Brown, the Community Educator Organizer at Wind River Family and Community Health Care, had attendees participate in an activity to share the importance of tribal communities and why culture, children, elders, women, and men are held so high. This activity also highlighted the effects the government has had on tribal communities. One of the primary examples used today was sending children to off-reservation boarding schools and the impact that caused. 

h/t Ron Howard – Cherokee Brown leading the activity.

The Riverton Peace Mission shared they plan to organize another event like this one today. You can learn more about the Riverton Peace Mission by clicking here



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