The Food Network recently announced their list of “most iconic foods in all 50 states.” A thorough list of iconic foods were provided for each state, including 28 different recommendations for Wyoming. Ultimately though, only one dish was announced as the “most iconic.”

Drum roll please… 


Wyoming’s most iconic – The fry bread at the Shoshone Rose Casino & Hotel’s Deka-Guy-Hee Restaurant.

The Food Network describes,

Also getting some serious recognition was the Cowboy Cafe in Dubois. The list describes their Wyoming Wild Platter as one of the essential stops while eating in the Cowboy State, (apparently they’ve never tried that pie…) 

Cowboy Cafe, Dubois

When it comes to game meat, buffalo is often the first thing people turn to, but elk is also a staple throughout Wyoming. Cowboy Cafe in Dubois is a no-frills Western-style restaurant that’s satisfied local appetites for breakfast, lunch and dinner since 1993. You can expand your meat repertoire with the Wild Game Platter, featuring spicy elk sausage, smoked bison, grilled onions and vegetables.

Check out all of their picks for Wyoming iconic foods here.

And you can find the list of all 50 states most iconic foods here.

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