Regular Council Meeting – Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 7:00 pm

“Excellence in Service to the Rendezvous City”


1) Call to order.
2) Pledge of Allegiance.
3) Invocation.
4) Roll call:
Ward I: Kyle Larson, Cory Rota
Ward II: Karla Borders, Rebecca Schatza
Ward III: Mike Bailey, Tim Hancock
5) Declaration of quorum.
6) Approval of the Agenda.
7) Communication from the Floor – Citizen’s Comments.
8) Consent Agenda:
• Approval of the Minutes – January 21, 2020 Regular Council Meeting.
• Approval of the Minutes – February 4, 2020 Finance Committee Meeting.
• Approval of the Finance Committee Recommendations – February 4, 2020.
9) Board Appointments: Community Engagement Committee (CEC).
10) Master Plan Project Close-out.
11) Consideration of Hill Street Consultant Selection.
12) Public Hearing & Consideration of Resolution No. 1410: Establish Sanitation Compactor Rates & Adjust Sanitation Roll-off Rates.
13) Consideration of Airport Hangar Lease Agreement.
14) Community Branding Agreement: Herman Global.
15) Scheduling Discussion: Contracts for Services / Council Goal Setting / Budget Calendar.
16) 2020 Legislative Update.
17) Law Enforcement Body Camera Demonstration.

Reports and Comments:
18) Council Committee Reports and Council Members’ Roundtable.
19) City Administrator’s Report.
20) Mayor’s Comments.
21) Executive Session – If Needed.
22) Adjourn.

The full agenda packet provided by the City of Riverton can be viewed here: 02-04-20 Riverton Regular Council Meeting Packet

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