Fremont County Group Homes, Inc. is seeking a Residential Manager

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Fremont County Group Homes, Inc.


Fremont County Group Homes’ mission is to give youth every opportunity to become healthy and productive and reunite with their families or guardians.

Our target population is youth 10 through 17 years old. The Group Homes’ primary responsibility is to youth in Fremont County, but the agency will provide services to youth statewide.


  • Respect for all individuals
  • Empower families to make changes needed to reunite with their children
  • Quality care services
  • Advocate for the well-being of families and individuals
  • Honest with all
  • Integrity concerning resident and family confidentiality
  • Ethical in all interactions



Direct Supervisor:  House Manager

Work Week:      The standard work week used for timekeeping purposes is 6:00 a.m. on Monday through 5:59 a.m. on the following Monday. Overtime pay at time and one half begins after 40 hours of regular work in each work week.

Work Schedule:    Depending on client ratio and presence at the Group Home, your schedule may be flexible.  This will be determined and approved by the Executive Director.  Staff-to-resident ratio is 2 staff to 5 or more residents, only one staff needed for less than 5 residents (this ratio is at the discretion of the Executive Director).

Resident Manager shifts are broken up into three work schedules:

  • 6 a.m. – 2 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • 2 p.m. – 10 p.m., Monday – Friday
  • 6 a.m. – 10 p.m., Saturday and Sunday

All resident managers are also required to attend weekly staff meetings. Meeting dates and times are determined by the Executive Director.

The position of Resident Manager is an hourly position, exempt under the FLSA.  The Resident Manager reports directly to the Program Director who is then responsible to the Executive Director.

Evaluations:  Evaluations will be performed annually by the Executive Director with input from the Program Director

Pay Dates:  Bi-weekly on Tuesday for the previous two-week period.


  • H.S. Diploma (or G.E.D.) and three years of experience working in a group home setting or similar environment
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Supervisory experience

Physical, emotional and mental health adequate to perform duties

  1. Physically able to go down and up stairs
  2. Physically able to see, hear and verbally communicate within a normal range
  3. Physically able to lift 30 pounds, squat and sit as necessary
  4. Pass a full DCI/FBI background check
  5. Pass Drug Screening and participate in Randoms
  6. Have a clean driving record and be insurable with the Group Homes’ auto insurance carrier
  7. Pass a Tb test paid for by the Group Homes. Staff will not be allowed in the presence of the residents until the final Tb test results are received by the Group Home.



  1. To maintain a home-like environment within the Group Home, while providing adequate structure and supervision to meet the needs of troubled youth and the policies of the FCGH Operation Manual.
  2. To perform necessary duties which facilitate a safe and healthy environment for the youth, including, but not limited to:
    1. Planning and providing nutritious meals and snacks
    2. Purchasing all foodstuffs and supplies within budgetary limits
    3. Performing or arranging necessary household repairs within budgetary limits
    4. Scheduling appointments and structured free time for residents
    5. Organizing recreational activities
    6. Supervising all aspects of the group
    7. Provide life skill and social skills
  3. To participate in all screening, evaluation, intake, reviews and exits.
  4. To assure that all required documentation is done.
  5. Follow all individual service plans
  6. Facilitate appropriate group discussions with residents.
  7. Teach healthy living skills through group work, role modeling and individual service plans.
  8. Bedroom checks of residents shall be conducted every 15 to 20 minutes during night hours on a random, unscheduled basis, and the exact time of the check shall be documented in an overnight log. In addition, there will be a phone call between the group homes from the landline phone, with the call origination alternating between the homes every hour.
  9. Immediately notify administrative staff of any Incidents or Critical Incidents that occur during the shift
  10. Complete all written Incident Reports for any Incidents that occurred during the shift prior to leaving at the end of the shift
  11. To advocate for healthy youth and families
  12. To maintain confidentiality as required by law
  13. follow the policies and procedures of the Operations Manual as established by the Board of Directors
  14. To attend all staff meetings, including shift change
  15. assist and work with the Directors and to carry out all duties assigned by the Directors
  16. orientate, train and provide needed guidance to new staff under direction of Executive Director and Program Director
  17. To be responsive to cultural differences in service population
  18. Maintain open communication with all staff
  19. Be available to work any shift in either home in emergency situations or as required in your job description agreement. Your hourly wage is based on providing emergency, vacation and sick leave coverage for other resident managers and for overnight managers during your work week.  Days may be traded with the other staff to cover this situation.


Knowledge, Skills, and Mental Ability:

  • Knowledge of child growth and development
  • Knowledge of the teaching-learning process
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel Spreadsheets
  • Ability to communicate positively through the day
  • Ability to follow and successfully complete both written and oral directions
  • Ability to think clearly and calculate accurately
  • Ability to work with people of various personality types
  • Possess sound emotional judgement



  • You are a full-time employee for the Fremont County Group Homes. You are expected to work your scheduled shift
  • Doctor appointments, personal errands, etc. need to be accomplished on your own time
  • If at any time, for any reason you will not be able to work your scheduled shift, you need to let the on-call supervisor know as soon as possible
  • In emergency situations, you may be required to work unscheduled times and/or locations
  • You are expected to request vacation leave at least two-weeks before that month’s schedule is prepared. Schedules are prepared the final 2-weeks of the month
  • Two weeks’ notice to the Executive Director of resignation is required

For information on applying, contact Dana Flint at [email protected] or call (307) 856-2643.


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