#HeadsUp: Watch for wildlife on Wyoming roadways

by | Oct 22, 2019 4:45PM

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According to Wyoming Game & Fish, there are over 6,000 wildlife collisions on Wyoming roadways annually. A critical piece in avoiding wildlife collisions is slowing down at dawn and dusk when they are most active.

WGF also encourages drivers to be mindful of other travelers. Leave distance between your car and the car in front you to allow reaction time. They also encourage you to warn other drivers by flashing your lights if you see wildlife trying to cross the road.

A few other tips from WGF:

  • Be as aware as possible while driving
  • Use high beams to see more of the road
  • Scan across the road and rights of way frequently
  • Watch for eyeshine in the headlights
  • Ask passengers to help watch for wildlife
  • Know wildlife is attracted to the road if salt is used as a deicer and during spring green up.
  • Avoid herding wildlife off the road with your car. If there is a herd, creep up slowly until they disperse. You can honk to encourage them. If they don’t budge, contact Game and Fish.
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