St. Stephens K-12 will be closed on Monday, December 2nd due to a pipe break.

Initially, the St. Stephens Indian School Facebook page posted the following announcement…



Attention Students and Parents!!!

We had a pipe burst so we had to shut the water off for the time being. We are going to cancel school on Monday, 12/2/19. We will resume school on Tuesday 12/3/19. High School practices will depend on what time everything is fixed. This effects the High School and K-8.

If you have any questions please call the school at 307.856.4147 (K-8) or 307.857.9400 (HS)

Later, the page announced that K-12 will be closed Monday.


Attention Students and Guardians. If you saw our earlier post we were only going to cancel school for the high school. However, after further discussion we decided to cancel school K-12. School will resume on Tuesday 12/3/19.

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