Riverton Middle School STEM students meet with Inberg-Miller Engineers in the field

by | Updated Nov 5, 2019 at 7:53PM

h/t Nanna Frazier for the photos

Riverton Middle School (RMS) STEM students visited the former Riverton landfill this week to continue work on their year-long landfill remediation project. The class is collaborating with the City of Riverton, the University of Wyoming’s Learning Actively Mentoring Program (UW LAMP) and Inberg-Miller Engineers on problem-based learning around the former Riverton landfill.

While in the field, students observed Inberg-Miller Engineers drill and sample soil on the former landfill boundaries. “Prior to this, students had only experienced rigs through research, but now they have seen a rig crew set up, drill into the Earth for samples, and dismantle the rig to move to another location,” shared RMS teacher Nanna Frazier. 

Last month, the students visited the UW campus where they spent time in the labs and spoke with various experts. The class will continue their investigation of phytoremediation (the process and what plants are suitable for our area) next quarter and by the 4th quarter they will be leaders in a cross-curricular project in which they will teach other 7th graders about the project, Nanna said.

(click the photo below to view the gallery of their field trip)

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