#Snapped: ‘Forestry truly is an art and a science.’

by | Nov 14, 2019 11:49AM

Featured Photo – Line and Form Fence Lines and Whitetails Lander, WY – 8 Nov 2019

h/t Karl Brauneis for the photos and the below note:

I was fortunate to take one of the first Forest Landscape Architecture classes at Colorado State University – College of Forestry in the mid 1970’s. I believe CSU pioneered the inclusion of landscape architecture in the Forestry curriculum and we were blessed with several US Forest Service professionals who assisted in teaching the class. Awesome!!!!

For us in the field … combining silviculture, road location, logging systems, wildlife, entomology, soils, landscape architecture with other disciplines in timber sale preparation is what … to me … transitioned the science of Forestry into the realm of an art. Forestry truly is an art and a science.

I call November the month of shadows. November shadows highlight, focus and contrast the element’s of design taught in landscape architecture. 

So, I thought you might like these photographs taken on walks around Lander. I used the ladies of the Dakota sub-species of the North American whitetail deer as my fashion models. The Dakota whitetail is native to our area per Warren Beck and Ynez Haase’s Historical Atlas of the American West. The Wind River Mountains and Red Desert in essence blocked  further movement of the Dakota whitetail to the south and west (pre- Lewis and Clark). However, I have seen whitetails as high as the South Pass area. There are 8 sub species of whitetail deer. Our Dakota whitetails are the largest in size.

Many want to photograph wild and pristine areas. I find the elements of design highlighted more so in rural agriculture. Fence lines, ditch lines, shelterbelts, roads, trails and the abundant wildlife found in agricultural areas.

Also, Bur Oak is native to Wyoming in the northeast corner of Wyoming (Black Hills Region).  

-The Old Forester

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