The first step in launching, 10Cast, our podcast network, was of course doing our flagship show.

The County 10 Podcast debuted just over 4 months ago and, as of this week, has been listened to in all 50 states. We were stuck at 49 for a longggg time, but Connecticut finally came around.


Additionally, the show has been played in 27 different countries! What up, Jamaica, Poland, China, UK, Australia? 

Who knew there were so many Fremont County connections across the globe!

The show is working on its 81st episode this week, and coming soon there will be a couple noticeable changes to the way some of the episodes are presented.

You can subscribe to the County 10 Podcast via all major podcast apps, or listen to them on the 10Cast page if that’s easier!

If you missed some of the recent episodes, here’s our latest shows:

#79 – Karla Borders, Riverton City Council

#78 – Eric Carr, Riverton City Development Director

#77 – Mike Zirbel, 307 Financial Services

#76 – Geoff O’Gara & Sophie Barksdale, Caldera Productions

#75 – County 10 News Update with reporter Amanda Fehring

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The County 10 Podcast is made possible by:

Rendezvous Dental

Shoshone Rose Hotel & Casino

Elevate Rehab: Shoulder To Hand Therapy

Belles and Beaus Clothing Boutique

Wyoming Department of Transportation 

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