Wind River Job Corps programs essential to the City of Lander

by | Dec 9, 2019 12:14PM

h/t City of Lander for the photos – WRJC Community Service Program decorating Main Street last week

For the fourth year, the City of Lander has partnered with the Wind River Job Corps (WRJC) Community Service Program to decorate Main Street for the holiday season. This program has turned a project that would generally take a week to complete into three hours of work, Assistant Mayor RaJean Strube Fossen explained.

Not only do they partner for holiday decorating, but for City Park upkeep, filling sandbags during the flooding season, and so much more throughout the year to help the Lander community.

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The city also partners with WRJC’s Work Based Learning Program for the City Hall intern program. 4-6 interns a year from the program receive on-the-job training while learning administrative tasks throughout the year, RaJean said.

Between the two WRJC programs, the city has received over 2,500 hours of service, in turn, saving Lander and taxpayers over $31,000. WRJC has become essential to the Lander community, Rajean noted.


h/t City of Lander


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