Andre Eloumou passed through Fremont County this week while on his cross-country run to raise money for refugee education access. The 33-year-old French endurance runner began Andre Run USA on November 1st, 2019 when he departed Brooklyn, New York on a 3,600-mile journey.

“I am pretty close to two-thirds of the way through Andre Run USA and will be finished running by the 20th of March in Santa Monica, California,” he explained. The Wyoming weather impacted his running timeline just a little bit, but he’s been able to average 33 miles a day.

h/t Andre Eloumou – Wyoming snow

Below is a video of Andre running through Wyoming wind:

Andre has dedicated this run to his father who fled Cameroon to France on foot in the 1970s. He partnered with the USA for UNHCR to raise money and awareness for refugees to have access to education.

h/t Andre Eloumou

One thing that Andre shared about running through Wyoming is that there are not a lot of people here, but he “loves it because there is a lot of nature.” The calm and peacefulness give him time to reflect. “This might sound crazy, but I really love the cold weather and extreme winds. It teaches humility.”

h/t Andre Eloumou

When asked if there was anything else he’d like to share, he said the following:

You can follow Andre’s journey on the Andre Run USA Facebook page or his website.

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