You’ll want to stay on this road all the way to Riverton

by | Dec 11, 2019 11:51AM

A few residents are brainstorming ways to encourage travelers to visit Riverton as they drive through Fremont County. Drivers headed toward Riverton using Google Maps are directed to turn north before Kinnear on US-26 to take WY-133, and travelers on WY-789 are directed to turn west before Campbell’s Corner to take Missouri Valley Road.

Google Maps uses an algorithm to provide users the fastest route from point A to point B. While that turnoff does shave some minutes from driving time, it means fewer folks travel through Riverton. In turn, preventing them from spending money to fuel up, grabbing lunch, stopping for coffee, checking out a business, or two…you get the idea.

Residents Mike Martin and Joe Stanbury are wanting to change that. After doing some summer calculating, they estimated 90% of drivers with out-of-state and out-of-county license plates turned off and bypassed Riverton.

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Mike and Joe are working through the Wind River Development Company to possibly install two billboards about two miles before the turnoffs that would entice travelers to drive through Riverton. They talked with billboard specialists at the Lamar Advertising Company who recommended advertising nationally recognized restaurants on the billboards. However, the Wind River Development Company is dedicated to helping the local economy and would like to see local businesses advertised as well.

The billboards would be a substantial investment, and the monthly fee to advertise on them would be approximately $360. The advertisements on the billboards can be split between different businesses to lower the monthly cost.

With that in mind, Mike and Joe would like community input.

If you own a business and would be interested in advertising on the billboards for a monthly fee or if you are a resident that would like to share some thoughts, ideas, etc…about this, give Mike a call at (307) 709-9229 or Joe a call at (307) 851-2839.


h/t Joe Stanbury


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